Welcome to my blog!

This is my blog, Just Chipper. You would think it's going to be chalk-full of pictures and stories about the love of my life, my Lhasa Apso, Chipper. Oh, it will, mind you. But, dig deeper, and you'll discover all that makes me smile, and cry, and laugh, and sigh, because this blog is reintroducing creativity into my life. Something I once treasured, but somehow lost. I lost my dad to cancer in May 2007. Somehow, that's when I lost my creativity. I still think about him every single day. Well, minute really. My dad lived life to its fullest. He was "Just Chipper" when asked how he was doing. This blog is my tribute to him and the family that I love and hold dearest to my heart.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Roxborough Park

Item #2 - Check.  We went to Roxborough Park last weekend, and were in awe.... It was hard not to be, when surrounded by the large red sandstone rocks.  The fear crept in, though, as the park constantly reminds people of the possibility of looming rattlesnakes, bears, and mountain lions.  No fear... Jason picked up some stones and was ready to fight!  :)

Feeling so lucky to live in this great state...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Ride or Drive Pikes Peak?

 A coworker of mine and his wife have a goal similar to mine in that they want to get out and explore more of Colorado.  One of the ways in which they are exploring is by driving up the mountain ranges.  This past Sunday, Sept. 9th, they drove up Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs.  Oddly enough, the US Forest Service just announced recently that it would open up the Peak to allow bicycles for the month of September.  Enter my brother-in-law, Travis.  On the way down the mountain, my coworker had his Go-Pro camera shooting, and look who he just happened to catch...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forgotten~

In tribute to ALL lives lost on that day 11 years ago...  I will never forget~

Friday, September 7, 2012

South Platte Park, take 2

I enjoyed South Platte Park so much, that I just had to show it off to Chipper too.  He and I had a lovely walk thru the park this morning.  I must admit, being alone in nature is invigorating and freeing, but also quite scary if you let your mind carry on... :)  Who me, let my mind carry?  Unheard of!  :)  Once I got over that, though, it was smooth sailing, er, walking...  And Chipper loved it!