Welcome to my blog!

This is my blog, Just Chipper. You would think it's going to be chalk-full of pictures and stories about the love of my life, my Lhasa Apso, Chipper. Oh, it will, mind you. But, dig deeper, and you'll discover all that makes me smile, and cry, and laugh, and sigh, because this blog is reintroducing creativity into my life. Something I once treasured, but somehow lost. I lost my dad to cancer in May 2007. Somehow, that's when I lost my creativity. I still think about him every single day. Well, minute really. My dad lived life to its fullest. He was "Just Chipper" when asked how he was doing. This blog is my tribute to him and the family that I love and hold dearest to my heart.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Warmth of My Loneliness

His words, caught in the web of my nights.
His smile impounded on my brain.
His laugh keeps me awake for hours,
But I don’t mind.
For his laugh makes me yearn for more.
My nights can get so desolate
In the cold darkness surrounding my room.
But his words, smile, and laugh are there
Keeping me warm in my loneliness.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Waiting for Discovery...

You don’t know me.
How can you think you know me when I don’t even know myself?
I don’t know who I am from one day to the next, one minute to the next, one second . . .
I can fly so high at times, like a diamond that radiates a million different hues in the sun’s glow.
And it’s so beautiful.
Oh, but those colors can fade, as all colors do.
And my high comes crashing to the ground in the blink of my eye, and it hurts to blink.
I don’t know what makes me me. 
And you don’t either.
But I’m here, alive and willing to learn.
And oh how sweet and comforting it is to know that you’re forever willing and waiting to take that risk with me.